Eastside Medical Group

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION is a specialty based on a holistic and comprehensive approach to medical care, using the combined expertise of an interdisciplinary team, which is important in solving the complex medical problems associated with various disabilities.  The disease, and subsequent disabilities, must be diagnosed by obtaining a history and performing a physical examination and possibly performing specific laboratory procedures to confirm the diagnosis.  It requires an extension of this basic diagnostic examination to determine the level of functional capacity that remains after stabilization of any disabling disease.  

The medical aspects are directed by the Physiatrist [pronounced fizz-ee-at'-trist], a specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and possibly with consultants from various specialities, including neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, etc., as well as allied health professionals in physical and massage therapy, recreational and vocational therapy, social service and psychology.

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